Water management- An absolute need of the hour : A Case study at Ecolife EON

August 7, 2019

Bangalore has been going through a severe water shortage crisis for a long time. With the ever-growing population of the city, there seems to be no end to this worry. Every summer the shortage increases but we never seem to find a solution. The best thing that we can do is to adopt water management methods like rainwater harvesting, water treatment plants, and groundwater recharge. All these measures can help save and reuse water in a manner that causes no harm to the environment.

Today, most Bangaloreans live in apartment complexes and this a good space to implement rainwater collection methods. The trick is to incorporate it into the plan right at the conception stage of a project.  For example, Ecolife EON located at varthur has extensive plan to facilitate rainwater harvesting within its complex. Rainwater harvesting is the most common water conservation method. This method essentially collects rainwater and deposits it in either tanks or underground borewells, making it available during the dry months. Rainwater can be collected from one of two options- rooftops or the ground. With the rooftop method, rainwater is collected from the extensive terrace of buildings and stored in tanks after a basic filtration process. The groundwater replenishment method collects water from the surface through absorbable pathways and a circuit of collection tanks across the open lawn spaces.

The building structure makes it the perfect space to implement rainwater harvesting. A catchment on the roof collects the water to store in a tank. Rainwater is not immediately potable and needs to be filtered. A First- Flush Diverter and a simple filter take care of debris and pollutants. The installation of the system is also easy and hassle-free. It is done externally so your home is not disturbed. Rainwater harvesting allows you to conserve water and is a one-time investment that gives you great rewards and requires very little maintenance. 

Builders also need to take into consideration the environment and include resource saving methods in their layouts. The Ecolife group is one of the few builders who are actively building properties that are sustainable and take into consideration the current state of the environment. Ecolife EON is one of the few that includes a fully functioning rainwater harvesting system as well as tanks to replenish bore well and the water table.  There are also wastewater treatment plants and active use of grey water for gardening and toilet flushing. This serves to reduce the water demand in the complex by 45-50%. Being water efficient is a goal that each apartment complex has to be to make them truly sustainable.