Check out these 5 inspiring ideas for your balcony garden

October 3, 2019

As more and more people move to urban spaces, the idea of developing a garden in the balcony of one’s home is also booming. No matter the size of a balcony, a little creativity and imagination are all it takes to grow your own customised garden. Not only will it be aesthetically pleasing, but a balcony garden also enhances indoor air quality while demonstrating your commitment to a sustainable living environment. It is important to consider environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity as well as access to light when deciding the right kind of plants to grow in your balcony garden at home. 

Below are some ideas that can work wonders  your balcony: 

1. Vertical Gardening – making green walls

The vertical garden is the ideal garden for urban homes, who have a limited horizontal balcony space. Due to life growing on the walls, they are often called ‘living walls’. You can grow your very own green corner in your balcony dedicated to improving the ambience and overall vibe of your home. You can choose to build a back frame for the garden to avoid damaging the walls or surroundings. It is also advisable to grow vines and dwarf trees to efficiently utilise your vertical spaces. For watering, it is recommended to opt for the drip irrigation system as the garden will then be able to look after itself. 

2. Upcycling – repurposing the trash

If you are looking for a gardening option that is light on the wallet and gives you the chance to reduce the waste produced in your home, then choose upcycling. The idea is to build your balcony garden with items that you already own – there is no need to visit the nearest gardening store to invest in pots or planters. Wooden crates and drawers can be used for raised plants, old paint cans and metal containers to replace pots and much more. Give a second chance to the old and unused objects of your home and make it into a beautiful rendition of an upcycled balcony garden. 

3. Garden lawn – a garden in every step

In order to add more weight to your balcony garden, consider adding a lawn to your garden. You can even add some furniture over the lawn to create a cozy corner – two wooden chairs and a mini-table will do. Pebbles would also make for a great additional element to strengthen the ambience. With every step into your balcony, you will feel like you are walking into a mini-park in your home.

4. Plants as pest-control – no more buzzing

Did you know that Citronella, a lemon-scented plant, is one of the most common ingredients in mosquito repellants?  If monsoon seasons attract an indefinite number of mosquitoes and other insects to your balconies, you can choose to grow plants that serve a dual purpose. Over and above adding fragrance and beauty to your balcony garden, these multi-tasking plants can also keep mosquitos and other bugs at bay. Plants that you can consider are lavender, basil, peppermint and lemon balm. The arrangement of these plants in your balcony space is important to maximise their bug-repelling potential. For instance, if you have set up a seating area in your balcony, then it would be best to place these plants around the area. 

5. Creepers – for the extreme gardener

Having a mind of their own, creepers and climbers can spice things up in your balcony by occupying areas that you may never use. Unlike the conventional arrangement of plants that grow in a row, creepers can go completely wild to produce a kind of freestyle greenery which is much more desirable. They can grow over the balcony rails to face downwards to the floor below or have them hang low from above forming a curtain or shade called screening. You can also provide the creepers with a controlled direction by adding some furniture for them to entwine. Creepers to consider growing in your balconies include jasmine, morning glory and devil’s ivy.

Gardening is appraised as a hobby which can be very therapeutic. It helps reduce stress and the mental health of the gardener as well as the residents of the apartment. Plant your garden today and dont forget to plan out everything on paper first. Avoid using too many colours – 3-5 at best. Determine the theme and go-forth to create a beautiful balcony garden for your friends and family.