What makes greenery essential for fitness

October 3, 2019

Everybody knows that being fit means having a healthy mind and body that can specifically perform sports and daily activities without getting tired easily. For this, one needs to have a daily exercise routine in place to build and maintain their fitness. To effectively achieve your fitness goals, your body needs to be free from any destructive factors that can get in the way of or slow-down the process. 

Exercising in the right place can wholly support and drive an individual to achieve their fitness goals. Often times, you will find people at parks engaging in physical activities like walking, jogging and other exercises. Many fitness enthusiasts also choose to work out amid green spaces to better suit their routine.  It is impossible to deny that the greener your surroundings are, the healthier your body will be. An outdoor work-out does wonders for the immune system. 

Fresh air, grass and trees as well as the colours of nature have great effects on the mental and physical well-being that stimulates the work that you do. The life around you fuels the life inside you – not only does it enhance your physical state, but your mental, emotional and spiritual state as  well. 

Fresh air everywhere

Your body is able to exercise better when the environment around has a higher percentage of greenery. You inhale the fresh air produced which cleans the lungs by dilating it completely. This increases the blood circulation throughout your body while giving you the energy needed to work out longer, unlike a gym which gets too stuffy after a while. Studies have shown that exercising in fresh air increases the energy produced by double. 

Green and elevated

Nature calms the mind and relaxes the body. An outdoor workout amidst the greens can lower your blood pressure which reduces stress as a result. This is due to a drop in your cortisol levels (a stress hormone) from your very refreshing workout. Simultaneously, the aesthetically appealing landscape can raise your serotonin levels (a feel-good chemical). All in all, it puts you in a better mood that encourages healthy behaviours, and contributes to your overall well-being. 

Mornings are the best time to work out because the air is fresher and you will be able to enjoy the post-workout benefits through the day

Burns more calories

Exercising amidst greenscapes lowers your heart rate. It feels less strenuous than a similar workout in a muggy room which further pushes you to your limit. Furthermore, our body is resistant to the winds we encounter outdoors; a walk in a more airy setting will burn more calories compared to the same exercise done on a treadmill indoors. The more demanding the exercise, the more energy is used up;  the more fat and calories are burned.

The idea of exercising in the midst of greenery has been around for years. It was the go-to routine before indoor work-out in air-conditioned rooms were popularised. But the benefits of outdoor exercising are multifold – fitness fanatics have been endorsing it for years. Today, we have communities, schools and workplaces incorporating the outdoor fitness lifestyle, no more limiting one’s fitness away from nature – it has everything we need to be fit.